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January 3, 2011

Are You Into Kayak Fishing?

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 North Carolina Kayak Fishing Association, "...  the premier meeting place for North Carolina kayak fisherman. The NCKFA was established in 2008 as a resource for those interested in fishing from kayaks, discussing trips and techniques, as well as meeting other kayak fisherman from NC. Our monthly meetings take place at Great Outdoors, a local kayak shop in Greensboro, NC. ..." 
Want to read more? Check out their website. North Carolina Kayak Fishing Association

I was into kayak fishing a couple years ago when my health was a bit better. I really enjoyed it. Nothing like sneaking up on a "herd" of bull reds in 12" of water, and flipping an ultra light bait along the edge of the school, then handing on for some reel screeming runs! If you haven't tried it, check with Capt. Chris at East Coast Sports. They rent kayaks and have all the gear you will need. Don't let folks tell you fishing is over! It may be over in the surf or from the piers, but on the mud flats and oyster beds in Topsail Sound, giant reds roam the waters looking for a meal. Give it a try.

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