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March 29, 2005

Tuesday Night

Fished about a half day today. Caught plenty of skates, a couple of stingray, slicks, (I believe they may be cod) and a half dozen sharks (dog fish). Didn't see any fish except the above. Beautiful day, wore t-shirt until about 6:45, then put on sweatshirt. Supposed to be sunny tomorrow.


No fishing last few days. Storms, wind, and rain. Much rain. Today is nice and sunny, no wind. GOIN' FISHIN'

March 26, 2005


Water temp 50 degrees. The first mullet of the year on Surf City Pier was caught yesterday by a 15 year old boy. Reports are he caught 6 more! Fishin is coming, but water is still too cold for good numbers. Beautiful day today. High in 70s and clear. Calling for rain tonight and early Easter Sunday. Worked on my fishing rods today. I have many that need work.

March 25, 2005

TGI Friday

Didn't get to fish today. To busy with honey-do's. Will post report when I get one. Temp today was 72 with clear to partly cloudy skys. Weather for Saturday from WECT-TV Chanel 6. "Hi all from George Elliott at WECT-TV. Here's my weekend outlook... Mostly to partly cloudy tonight; low 53. Wind becoming N-NE 6-12 mph. Mostly cloudy Sat., slim shower chance late; high mid to upper 60's. NE wind 6-12 mph. Cloudy, chance of rain developing Sat. night (esp. late); low 54. Rain with a possible thunderstorm Sunday; high mid to upper 60's."

Found a used tiller handle for my boat in excellent condition. Installed it this morning. Works great. The boat is about ready to go. Just need to hook up the lights.

Thursday at Surf City Pier

Did not fish or post Wed. as I had a bad migraine. I fished Thursday morning at Surf City Pier, caught a huge skate. No other bites. Some folks were catching sharks and skates near the end of the pier, We were fishing in the suds. Thought maybe the water was a touch warmer. Last report I got was 56 degree water. Looking for Sun and South wind to warm the water. Left the pier about 12:30, first mullet still has not been reported from pier.

March 22, 2005


Didn't fish today, got reports of skates and small sharks taken from Surf City Pier. No reports from surf.

March 21, 2005

Monday, Monday

Didn't fish today. Reports of small sharks and skates. Nothing in the surf. Small puppy drum in the creeks.

March 19, 2005

Saturday's gone with the wind

Didn't fish today. Helped my neighbor work on his camper. I heard that as of noon the first mullet had not been caught on the pier. I did hear that a couple of skates had been landed. Wind was much better today, at least off the beach.

March 18, 2005

First Mullet? Not today

Surf City Pier opened today. Went out about 10 am and stayed until 1 pm. There were about 20 fisher-persons out there, all looking for the season's first mullet. The first one wins a season pass! I had intended to stay all day, but the wind and the cold won out. I found myself thinking, "I wish someone would catch that mullet, so I can leave." Man it was cold, with a few sprinkles. Not enough to get wet. May try again later this afternoon.

March 16, 2005

Rain, Rain

Raining today at Surf City. Normally I would don my rain gear and hit the beach. But it is also cold and windy. No one is at the Surf City Pier or on the beach. Temp is in the low 40's. Water temp is 47, still rather low. Come on SOUTH WIND! Wind out of the south will warm the water, and that is what we need. This will be a good day to go to East Coast and talk to Capt Chris and browse their new fishing lures for this season. Capt. Chris says we now have money to dredge ou least twce. Check out Frying Pan Towers for thier report. http://www.fryingpantower.com/modules.php?name=Save_The_Inlets
East Coast Sports http://www.eastcoastsports.com/index2.ivnu

Be patient. Spring is coming!

March 15, 2005

Plugging the day away

Went fishing on the Surf City pier today. Plugged with a red head gotcha for about an hour. Also had a bottom rig with shrimp in the water. Nothing on eigher. Met another fisherman, Hal from Stuart VA. and he had the same luck, nothing. Winds out of the east were cold and gusty. But it felt good to have a line in the water again.

March 14, 2005

New Carolina Skiff

Went boating with my friend K today. Maiden voyage for his new boat, a 19 ft Carolina Skiff DLX. Plenty of room and the Suzuki 80 hp pushed her at a nice clip. Handles like a dream, really well for a flat bottom skif. Weather was clear and winds were calm when we launched her at the Surf City Park ramp. By the time we made it back to the ramp the winds had picked up and the ICW was quite choppy.

Stay tuned for more.

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March 13, 2005

March Winds

So far this March has been so windy that launching the boat is next to impossible. Don't even think about fishing. Maybe the winds will die down before I forget HOW to fish!