Spent the last ten weekends on jennettes pier, i dont kno how life could be better than sea mullet, bluefish , 7 million spadefish, triggerfish, a spanish blitz every few weeks, watching new friends see sheepshead on the piles and walk the almost half mile round trip to the beach to catch fleas and then catch said fish with those fleas( my son was impressed with this mastery) ive met tourists from everywhere , ive met numerous people from west va and tennessee(shot out)that make the trip out here to fish for a day. Ive seen family reunions, ive seen weddings, ive seen a heart attack, ive seen a guy catch himself with a gotcha plug(today) thank you security doctor sir. Ive had my kids out here , ive had my wife with me during a spade and spanish bonanza, ive met people from va beach where im from, I've seen a cormorant catch a flounder and spend thirty minutes trying to swallow it, ive seen a seven foot shark swim around, ive seen cownose rays swim by by the dozens, ive seen airborne bottlenose, ive had the pleasure of watching the pin riggers do there thing and watch what i expect are the locals absolutely slay big spanish in symphony while the rest of us are just catching, ive seen the end shoulder to shoulder catching and throwing without a bad word even amongst strangers who are now friends with no worries because like i heard flip pallet say when your fighting a fish the world stops for just a few moments and theres nothing but the fight (thats a lil deep sorry)thank you to the wonderful ladies workin inside that keep us right and all the guys that know everything else the rest of us dont and have no problem lending a hand to send a net for a small fish for people they dont even know. Thanks jennettes - of course i know whats better than all those things listed up top (cobia haha) go fishing guys.