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February 22, 2022

Salt Strong

Salt Strong video:  Top ten DON'Ts for begginer sound fishing. Great video. 

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December 10, 2021

William Clardy Lea Island Fishing Adventures

 This is a link to William Clardy's Lea Island fishing adventures. I haven't visited Lea Island, but it looks like a blast. 

Enjoy the video.


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June 15, 2021

Deep Water Bottom Dropping with Capt. Rick Croson

Fisherman's Post with

Capt. Rick Croson

This conversion on bottom fishing (150-400') includes what the bottom looks like, reading electronics, how to fish the structure, and what to use--both jigs and bait.

                        Deep Water Bottom Dropping with Capt. Rick Croson

March 19, 2021

How To Use Live Shrimp In The Shallows On Windy Days

 Sorry for my absence lately. Its been a madhouse around our home recently. This is a good post to start with. Thanks to Joe from Salt Strong for this informative post. 

As fishermen, we need to be ready to face a variety of weather conditions because it’s impossible to plan trips around nice weather.

One condition that we really need to be ready to handle is the wind because we’ll have to face it frequently whether we want to or not.

This new video highlights some helpful tips for using live shrimp up in the shallows on windy days:


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Joe Simonds

July 7, 2020

Bill Dance Fishing ------ Tubin' with a Tube Craw


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Bill Dance talks about a lure that covers the water column in more ways than almost any other lure- a Bass Pro Shops Tube Craw. Learn how to properly use a tube lure for maximum effectiveness in this episode titled "Somewhere In Between".

Hope you enjoyed the video.

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June 9, 2020

Catch More Reds? Check out the video below.

Fishin' Topsail

Catching Red Drum is one of my favorite activities. Anything that makes it easier, is OK with me! 

Check out the video.

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February 18, 2020

Fishing Coalition Video

Capt.Mike Dennis the Cape Fear Guide onboard the "Fishing Coalition" out of Carolina Beach, N C headed to the Gulfstream after wahoo !

Feb 13, 2020, 7:57 AM (5 days ago)
Cape fear Guide fished Monday onboard the "Fishing Coalition" 32' regulator out of Carolina Beach, N C. Area fished was about 10 miles north of Same Ole found 5 degree temperature break,put lines in water at 71degrees,action was slow caught one 50 lb. wahoo about 9:00 am, had a real screamer on fought the fish about 15 min. pulled hook. Headed home at 2:00 pm weather was really nice going out with just a small chop coming in the first 15 miles then seas laid down.
I made a video of the fishing trip can be found on You Tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiEsk7lQ8Ok&feature=youtu.be
Cape Fear Guide onboard "Fishing Coalition".

Capt.Mike Dennis
Cape Fear Guide

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February 8, 2020

North Carolina Fishing Decline.....The Alarm Bell Rang A Decade Ago - Fishing Reports | Coastal Carolina Fisherman

North Carolina Fishing Decline.....The Alarm Bell Rang A Decade Ago - Fishing Reports | Coastal Carolina Fisherman

An article by 
January 19, 2020
The more that I peel back the many layers of North Carolina’s Marine Fishery issues, the more I learn of the many people and groups that have been involved in trying to get the responsible agencies to make the changes needed to avoid where we are today. Conservation groups as well as fishing organizations along the coast have attended what seems to be countless public meetings in front of the North Carolina Marine Fisheries commissioners. They are seeking a changed direction that would turn this serious and growing decline around. These groups have not only shared their concerns, they have often times brought statistical information to the commissioners that reflect the growing problems. Scores of North Carolina anglers have come to these meeting individually to share their concerns over the rapid decline that yielded little response and nearly no changes while the fishery continued to grow smaller and smaller.

I was more distressed to learn that the alarm bell on this issue had been sounded over 10 years ago and has continuously gotten louder and louder. Over the past few months I’ve spoken with a number of widely respected members of the state’s saltwater fishing community about the decline only to hear the same message. Frustration with the state, the responsible agencies and those that run them. Frustration in that no matter how much information or viable options for a cure, it remains “status quo”. Many of these concerned anglers have simply given up due to the rampant “stonewalling” that has taken place for nearly a decade.

It appears that the North Carolina Legislature is asleep at the wheel on this growing issue. Many are convinced that most members believe this is a coastal issue and find little or no importance in the problem since it does not impact their area or constituents. Also, it’s believed that much of the statistical information given to the members of the legislature are provided by sources that have an agenda that will suffer a negative impact if widespread changes are in fact made.
As a means of determining these beliefs, we (Coastal Carolina Fisherman) plan to poll each member of the North Carolina Legislature on Monday, February 3rd, 2020 to determine where they stand individually. That poll is being developed at this time. The questions will be based on where the members stand on the current viability of North Carolina’s coastal fishing resources and questions directed toward issues such as inshore trawling, net fishing regulations and the overall management of the coastal fishing resource and those responsible. We will allow 30 days for replies then post those responses on the Coastal Carolina Fisherman website on Thursday, March 5th, 2020. The poll not only lists those who responded, but also identifies those members that chose not to.
Hopefully, these steps will bring a higher level of awareness to those that can effect change (the North Carolina Legislature) and then start the recovery toward the return of our state’s saltwater fishing resource.


Check out the Coastal Carolina Fisherman website.
Lots of great information!
One of my favorite fishing sites on the web!

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January 31, 2020

Want to catch more fish more often in 2020? Saltwater Fishing Schools

Want to catch more fish more often in 2020?
This year's Fisherman's Post "Hands On" Saltwater Fishing Schools are staffed by more than 40 local captains who will share their experience and insights on inshore, nearshore, surf, kayak, offshore, and blue water fishing. They'll cover a range of topics that includes techniques, equipment, strategy, locations, terminal tackle, electronics, bait, etc.

Click the video above for a look at our Saltwater Fishing Schools
The captains selected for the Saltwater Fishing Schools are specialists in their field, and their backyard waters include Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Sneads Ferry, Topsail, Swansboro, Southport, Oak Island, Ocean Isle, Cape Lookout, Morehead City, Pamlico, Neuse, and the Outer Banks.

There will be main seminars and several rigging stations going on concurrently all day long, so you will always be able to find a session that most interests you.
 Saturday, February 8, 2020 
CFCC's Union Station, downtown Wilmington
7:30 am-5:00 pm

Saturday, February 29, 2020
Crystal Coast Civic Center 
7:30 am-5:00 pm

Please visit each school's webpage for a list of captains, topics, prices, and information on ordering tickets.

December 21, 2019




Visit https://CatchTheFever.com for Catch The Fever Rods and Apparel Awesome video of Catch The Fever Pro-Staff Angler Zakk Royce catching a 91lb and 105lb blue in less than 24hours apart shattering the existing 89lb North Carolina state record for blue catfish. Zakk is also one of the operators of Blues Brothers Big Cat Fever rods that where used in this video or to book a trip with Blues Brother Guild Service visit https://catchthefever.com and https://bluesbrotherscharters.com for more info!

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December 12, 2019

Recreational fishermen question use of license funds :: WRAL.com

Recreational fishermen question use of license funds :: WRAL.com

Every time a coastal fishing license is sold in North Carolina, a portion of the money is supposed to help improve fishing on the coast, but some recreational anglers say the state is reeling in some of that revenue for other purposes.
Reporter: Cullen Browder
Photographer: Greg Clark
Web editor: Matthew Burns
6:54 p.m., Jul 6, 2017

November 25, 2019

A little fishin' humor;

One day, two buddies, Jeff and Kenny, were out fishing when funeral procession passes by. Jeff takes off his hat and puts it over his heart until the funeral service passes by.

Kenny says, “Hey, Jeffy, I didn’t know you had it in you!”

Jeff replies sadly, “It’s the least I could do. After all, I was married to her for 25

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October 1, 2019

Marine Fisheries Commission accepting public comment on two proposed rule changes

North Carolina Marine Fisheries

Unhappy wirh DMF rules and the direction our fisheries are heading? Here is your chance to let your voice be heard. Attend ths meeting and let your objections be heard.

Proposed Rule Changes

The proposed rules would:
·         Amend 15A NCAC 03M .0509 to prohibit possession of tarpon and make it illegal to gaff, spear, or puncture tarpon by any method other than hook and line.
·         Modify 15A NCAC 03O .0108 to clarify the circumstances under which transfers of Standard Commercial Fishing Licenses are allowed, including the following:
  1. Add grandparents, grandchildren, and legal guardians to the list of immediate family members eligible to receive a transferred license.
  2. Codify the existing requirement of a certification statement from the transferee that affirms the information provided to the division is true and accurate.
  3. Allow an individual license holder to transfer the license to a business in which the license holder is also an owner.
  4. Allow a business that is dissolved to transfer a license to an individual owner of the business.
  5. Allow a business that is sold to transfer a license to the successor business at the time of sale.
  6. Allow a business to transfer a license back to an owner who is leaving the business, if the owner originally held the license as an individual.
  7. Restrict business transfers to corporations and limited liability companies.
  8. Define “owner” to include shareholder of a corporation and member of a limited liability company.
The proposed rule changes come at the request of the Marine Fisheries Commission, which voted in February 2018 to start the process of amending the tarpon rule to improve the survivability of the fish and has, over the past couple of years, expressed concern about the types of license transfers allowed by statute and rule.

Modification of the two rules also meets a state-mandated periodic review schedule under which state agencies must review existing rules at least once every 10 years.

The proposed effective date of the rules is subject to legislative review.

For specific wording of the rule changes, go to the N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission’s Proposed Rules Page.

Information on the meeting.......

Marine Fisheries Commission accepting public comment on two proposed rule changes

MOREHEAD CITY – The N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission is accepting public comments on changes to two rules, one pertaining to tarpon and the other pertaining to transfers of commercial fishing licenses.

The public may comment in person at a public hearing scheduled for Oct. 23 at 6 p.m. at the division’s Central District Office, 5285 Highway 70 West, Morehead City. The public may also comment in writing to division Rules Coordinator Catherine Blum at P.O. Box 769, Morehead City, N.C. 28557 or via email at Catherine.Blum@ncdenr.gov. The deadline for written comments is Dec. 2.

P.O. Box 769, 3441 Arendell St., Morehead City N.C. 28557

Patricia Smith
Communications Director
Division of Marine Fisheries/Division of Coastal Management
252-808-8025 (Work)
252-342-0642 (Mobile)


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