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June 13, 2012

Miss Jo Charters
Miss Jo Charters with Captain Stewart Johnston

Whether you are the avid fisherman or a family looking for a fun day on the water, we can accommodate your needs. Fish inshore for Spanish Mackerel and Blues or venture out to the “Graveyard of the Atlantic” for some excellent bottom fishing and trolling for dolphin or king mackerel. Open charter dates are filling fast!

Miss Jo Charters with Captain Stewart Johnston
Phone: (910) 742-7431

Captain Stewart is a true local, living his life here on Topsail Island. Capt. Stewart knows these waters, and can put you on the fish. Call now for a charter. Open dates are filling up fast.

Miss Jo Charters with Capt. Stewart Johnston
Phone: (910) 742-7431

June 4, 2012

Fishing Shorts from AFTCO

I received a pair of fishing shorts from the American Fishing Tackle Co. (AFTCO). These fishing shorts may just be the most versatile and comfortable fishing shorts I have ever worn. The fabric is sturdy but very light and airy. Is airy even a word? I wore the AFTCO fishing shorts for a day, then put them back on the next day. With temps here at Surf City in the 80’s and 90’s I stayed extremely cool. The shorts I normally wear fishing have always felt heavy and hot after a few hours in the hot sun, but these shorts kept me cool, even when there was almost no breeze on the beach. Another plus about the AFTCO shorts is the pockets. With two regular pockets on the front, two additional pockets with flaps (close with Velcro) in the front, two pockets with the same type flaps in the rear, as well as a unique and very handy slit type pocket in the front just the right size to hold fishing plyers or a cell phone, although I wouldn’t recommend the latter. The four flap pockets that close with Velcro are vented, with two donut type vents at the bottom of each. Although I loved the convenience of all the pockets, my favorite feature was the way they kept me cool and comfortable. I don’t know technically how they kept me cool, I just know it did and I liked it. I would recommend these fishing shorts to any of my fishing friends. They are really nice, and I plan to buy more. Thanks again to AFTCO for the opportunity to wear test these shorts. Below is a link to their website. http://www.aftco.com/fishing-shorts.htm Have a wonderful and Blessed day! Johnny Horner Check out our Facebook Message Board Over 750 members and growing!

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