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May 5, 2013

Prescription Fishing Sunglasses - These are GREAT !

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I ran across these sunglasses on the web. They look great and I can't wait to try them. Check these out. I think you will want to try them also.
Johnny aka "Fishin'Topsail"

Prescription Fishing Sunglasses are now available with an updated lens design focused on the specific needs of an angler. The angler specific lens technology provides a larger portion of the reading corridor for near vision, like baiting a hook. The angler progressive lens is a stark contrast to a traditional progressive lens that has a focal distance that gets progressively closer as you look lower in the lens. A traditional progressive lens design provides a very small portion of the lens near vision. Designing more of the lens to focus on the specific needs of anglers allows for more head movement while keeping near objects in focus.

Fishing Sunglasses with this prescription lens design,
based on recent Free-Form Digital lens technology, recalculates the curve of a lens at every point e lens. This eliminates the peripheral distortion referred to as the “fishbowl effect”. The upper portion of a Free-Form Digital lens provides the sharpest distance vision possible, while the bottom of the lens provides a near-vision portion that is perfect for fishermen.

Prescription Oakley Sunglasses are the first to market with this new lens design. Oakley also offers the largest selection of polarized lens colors designed for a fishing environment. The Oakley Shallow Blue Iridium lens is a polarized bronze lens with an oxide coating to minimize blue light distortions. The Oakley Deep Blue Iridium lens is a polarized grey lens with the same coating. The combination of the fishing-specific prescription lens design and polarized lens colors designed specifically for fishing has made Oakley a top pick for serious anglers.

ADS Sports Eyewear is one of the first Authorized Oakley dealers to focus on the new angler-specific lenses, which are available for any of the Oakley frames you find on the ADS website. The company is optician owned and operated with a knowledgeable staff that uses and understands prescription eyewear for active people and will answer any questions you might have about the new Angler-Specific lenses.