Daily Bible Verse

April 24, 2005

Spring has Sprung


April 12, 2005

New Restaurant

Be on the lookout for a new eating establishment scheduled to open in May. It will be owned and operated by my good friend Yogi. You may know Yogi from Paliottis in North Topsail Beach. Believe me, there is no better steak than one cooked by Yogi. Yogi's new restaurant will be located in Holly Ridge on Highway 17. Check it out, you won't be sorry!

Monday night fishing

The mullets were biting really good on the Surf City Pier tonight. They started about dark. My friend K and I fished until after 11pm. We caught half a five gallon bucket of nice mullet. Most were about a pound I think. Don't have a count. I will have one tomorrow when I clean them. I have them on ice. They were biting shrimp about half way out the pier. One light pole past the drink machine to be exact. There were several fishermen and fisherladies and all were catching their share.

April 9, 2005

where did they go

Been fishin several times since I caught the mullets. Nothin but sharks and skates. I did see a few blues, small, but at least they are coming back. Water temp still 60 with winds out of the north and north east. High was about 70 today. Water was cloudy, not muddy or clear, just cloudy. Too dirty for blues, not dirty enough for mullet. Till next time......

April 5, 2005

They're here! Mullets are back.

After a week of fishing, catching nothing but sharks and skates, finally there is dinner on the table. I caught 10 mullet today from Surf City Pier. Six were real nice, about a pound each. I cleaned 'em and put 'em in the freezer. I gave the rest to another fisherman who wanted the smaller mullets. I used shrimp for bait, and had to throw way out. Didn't bite for me in close. I fished on the north side about half way out. The tide was almost full high when I started fishing. Not sure about the temp, but it was chilly. I wore a sweat shirt to keep warm. Water temp acording to WECT was 59 degrees today. Barometer was 30.24. A kid on the pier had a bucket full of sand fleas. The first I have seen this spring. Next time I fish, I will have a few for bait. There were sharks, and a lot of skates caught.
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