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September 26, 2018

Fishing docks and piers on the intercoastal and sounds

 Docks and piers on the sound side of Topsail Island are great places to fish. Your catching success really depends on how deep the water is. If you can see the bottom, you may not have much luck with flounder, red drum, or spotted sea trout. However, you will probably be able to throw cast net for bait to use on the surf. If the water is deeper, you will have a better chance at catching fish. Your best chance for catching fish will be from dusk to dawn. The sun will drive the fish into the grass or to deeper water. I have caught some nice flounder and red drum from tiny tidal creeks with deeper water. Use the same techniques as the ocean side, but use much lighter terminal tackle, especially weights. 

The picture below is a good rig for fishing finger mullet.

red drum rig.jpg

My favorite bait for the surf is sand fleas, AKA mole crabs, or just fleas. You will find them on the ocean side of the island,  in the sand at waters edge. The larger the flea the better. Don't overthrow the fish. I have more luck just behind the breakers. If not productive, try throwing your bait farther out. If you catch finger mullet from your dock, they are great bait for surf fishing. If finger mullet are scarce, small pinfish will also catch larger predatory fish. Some anglers will trim the dorsal fin on the pinfish with scissors. Doing this will allow your target fish to swallow the bait easier.

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