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January 17, 2006

Nothing to Report

Haven't posted in a while, but in my own defense, there is absolutely nothing to report. Not even hearing about anything off shore. The stripers are running at the outer banks, but nothing here. If I hear of anything close to Topsail Island, I will post it.

January 2, 2006

Trout and Flounder Still Here

I talked to a fisherman today on the Laniers Campground Pier. He was cleaning three speckled trout that he caught in the surf near Surf City Pier this morning in between rain showers. So there are still trout in the surf. I saw a couple of anglers on Surf City Pier, but I don't know the fruits of their outing.

A Saturday night flounder gigging trip netted a fisherman four flounder all keeper size. All were caught right in the Becky's Creek area. According to www.weatherunderground.com the water temperature is 48 degrees. I have always heard that trout vacate the area when the water temperature drops below 50 degrees. So........draw your own conclusions.
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Tight Lines!