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March 22, 2006

Surf City Ocean Pier Opening

Surf City Pier will officially open on Friday, March 31, at 6am. Like last year, the first mullet caught on that day will win a season pass. I will be there, will you?

There have been some mullet and a few small trout showing up in the surf this week. Shouldn't be too long before they will be here in big numbers. Because of the mild winter, the water temps never dipped to low, so it should be warming up pretty fast. Look for blues and spanish to be showing up in the next few weeks. There may be some early spot runs also. Last year there were some big spots caught in late March and early April. Boating anglers are still catching trout and puppy drum. I have heard of some really nice trout, 16 to 18 inches, being caught near the New Topsail Inlet at the south end of the island.

Get your gear cleaned up and oiled, put on that new line, and check the hooks on your favorite trout and spanish lures to make sure they are sharp. The season is almost here.

A new national record large mouth bass has been caught AND RELEASED in California. The angler was fishing from a boat, and someone had a video camera, and caught the whole thing on tape. The lunker weighed in at over 25 pounds! What a hog!

Till next time,
Tight Lines, Johnny

March 19, 2006

Sea Mullets Show Up

I am hearing of sea mullets being caught hear and there along the beach. I haven't seen any so I can't verify this. But as soon as I catch one, I'll let you know. Also heard about a few trout, reported to be nice size, caught by a kayak fisherman. He was using the new Gulp Natural plastic baits. I am hearing a lot of good things about these baits. I will try them this year.

Let's not forget to stay on our state representatives concerning the dredging of the Intracoastal Waterway. We can't let them forget us. We all need the waterway to be dredged to make it safe for all the boaters. And lets not forget all the businesses that rely on the ICW for their livelyhood.

. I have never given a second thought to the maintenance of the ICW. But it is apparent now that we need to get involved to make sure we have these waterways available in the near future. Not years from now, but months from now. Click on the Frying Pan Tower link below for links to contact your congressional representatives and urge them to take action on this important issue.

Fishing The Carolina Coast

Till next time,
Tight Lines!

Fish aren't the only thing biting at the coast!

Check this out!
This snake was recently found at the old Turkey Creek located just south of BURGAW, N.C.

March 10, 2006

It's Almost Time

Can't believe I haven't posted in over a month. Health hasn't been very good. I think I am starting to feel better now. I am getting reports of a few fish here and there. Small mullet and a few trout in the surf, and some bigger trout behind the island in the usual spots near the New River, and around Marker 98 at the south end of the island. We are supposed to have 80 degree temps this weekend, but the wind needs to lay down a bit for surf fishing. Water temp reported by Chris at East Coast Sports is 54 degrees. If you haven't already, get your gear ready, they will be here soon.