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June 26, 2018

Fishin' my favorite surf spot on Saturday, June 23, 2018

Hello fellow anglers. I woke early Saturday morning, and after my coffee, I decided to go surf fishing. I haven't surf fished in a while, so I was a little excited to get back out there. First stop, since this outing wasn't planned, was the bait shop. I arrived about 05:30 and was greeted with a "Closed" sign in the window. Another early riser pulled into the parking lot and wasn't surprised to find the shop was closed. He assured me the store would open in just a few minutes. So at 06:05, I started to the truck and here comes the clerk, just a few minutes late. When I went inside to my disappointment, they were out of my bait of choice for today, jumping mullet for cut bait. All the waiting for nothing. Next time, I will be prepared, like my friend Tim, who gets up at 3 am, to net his bait for the following day. It's nice to be young and full of energy.

I get to "my spot" only to discover another angler had claimed this territory as his for the morning. I moved about 40 yards down the beach and set up camp. The bad luck for the morning continued, when I could find sand fleas, except the mini fleas, which are not good producers. Absent any other bait, I had to settle for blood worm fish bites. I caught several small sea mullets, or virginia mullets as some call them. They were too small to keep. While I had bait in the water, I continued to look for sand fleas, finally finding one nice size, bigger than my thumb nail. I baited up with the flea and within a few minutes had a good bite. I pulled in a big mullet, and had it in the bucket, so the day wasn't so bad after all.

But, that was the only good sand flea I found, and the only keeper fish I caught. Since I am old and wore out, I got tired about 10:00 and carried my gear and catch up the hill to the access steps. For those of you that are on Topsail Island  frequently, you know what 10 AM means. Check out time. I sat in traffic on 210 for what seemed like an eternity. Finally getting home about a quarter of 11:00.

Another successful day on the beach! We are Blessed to live in such a wonderful place. Great sunrises and beautiful sunsets, AND fish.

Till next time,
Tight lines!