May 22, 2011

Flounder Fishing - Carolina Beach Inlet

Flounders have been biting at Carolina Beach Inlet for a couple of weeks now,spanish mackerel,along with a few king mackerel are showing up right along the beach here in the Cape Fear Region of North Carolina.

Capt Mike Dennis out of Carolina Beach offers live bait inshore fishing charters for families and the avid sport fishermen.

Capt.Mike Dennis

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Topsail Island, A Short History

Local folklore claims the name, Topsail (pronounced Tops’ul), dates back to the 1700s when pirate ships roamed the coastal waters. The pirates hid their ships in the channels behind the island and waited to plunder passing merchant ships loaded with goods. Eventually the merchants became aware of this hiding place and began to watch for the tops of the pirates' sails peeking above the oak trees on the island — hence the name Topsail Island.

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