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May 4, 2011

Chopper Blues in the Surf!

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Hello from Topsail Beach! I am posting a facebook post from my friend Michael. He says it all. This is why we love fishing, especially surf fishing. Unfortunately, days like this one don't come around too often. But when they do......... The experience is Priceless! Thanks for posting Michael.

Michael Brandi Cunningham to Johnny Horner

"man johnny choppers in surf, Fished monday evening with cut bait in a nice slough. First cast hook a monster chopper, got em to the breakers where he jumped and snapped leader. I used 60 lb leader, i cause u do have to use wire for them big ones. After that it slowed down till dark. Then i preceded to hook jumbo one after the other. Average size 7-8 lbs. Got a few up on the sand but man those r some hard fighting fish. Hooked some that just striped line jumped and broke me off. I got hits so hard the poles bout went for a swim! After i seen that i made sure drag was set rt. The bite lasted 2 hrs. could only use one pole. Crazy bluefishing from surf, Nothing better!!!!!!!!!"
[end quote]

Blues are biting hard folks. The last couple of days has been a bit slow, but Monday and Tuesday, the blues hit the beach. Huge blues are being caught by the king guys at the end of the pier, as well as on gotcha plugs and bottom rigs. Folks, if you love casting for fish, the time is now. Besides the blues, spanish are moving in. There have been reports of limits of spanish from the pier. I can't confirm this, but I am not doubting it. It's time.

NIghts are producing some nice catches of virginia mullets and puffers from the piers, and blues in the surf. Flounder are in the sounds and the folks gigging are getting their limits with some really nice flounder in the mix.

If you ain't fishing this week, you might miss out on some good times.

Till next time....
Tight lines!