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December 16, 2010

Ocean Isle Fishing Report

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Topsail Fishing reports are a bit scarce right now. And the weather is to bad for an old angler like me to stand in water. I got this one from the Ocean Isle Fishing Center.

Inshore Report: by Capt. Jacob Frick
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Water temperature this past week has dropped into the low 50's. The redfish have gone very shallow for the most part. Two reasons they go shallow this time of year. One they are seeking warmer waters on black mud flats, which warms up much quicker with the help of the sun. Two the dolphin hunt them very hard this time of year and will push these fish way back into shallow creeks. With that said, be quiet and sneak up on a school to have a field day. These fish will bite all year long and can range from 14" to 25" with an occassional 30" hanging around. The most exciting part is they will be in 1 to 3 feet of very clear water, so you can see all the action!
The trout bite remains strong at the Little River jetties. Dr. Wallen and myself fished on Dec. 4th with a mixed bag of 8 trout, 3 redfish, and 2 black drum. The trout were good size ranging from 2 to 4 pounds. The best technique out there is floating live shrimp. However, if you are up for a challenge artificials will work. Both Dr. Wallen and myself landed trout on artificials. The challenge is keeping the bait in the strike zone and not hanging up. A few redfish are still hanging out at the jetties. Dr. Wallen landed a nice 26" red that went 8 pounds on the bogy grip. Well, there you have it folks. Yes, it is very cold, but the fish are still biting. If the water temps fall into the upper 40's this week, which I expect with the forecast. You will need to target low tides in the middle of the day to be successful. As water drains from the flats and creeks it will usually warm a few degrees. If it warms to 50 degrees the fish will bite. Keep it very slow and quiet! Hang on! See you on the water!

A very interesting post from OIFC.  I'll post more local reports when I get them.

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