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December 30, 2010

NC Coastal Fishing Report

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Donna and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and you have our best wishes for a happy and blessed New Year! I am still on an anti-biotic, so Donna says I won't be doing the Dolphin Dip at Surf City this year. I cant say I am too disapointed, since the surf water temps are in the low 40's. I don't know if Donna is "Dipping" this year. We'll see. She hasn't missed for several years now, and the weather is supposed to be beautiful, so come on down to Topsail, watch the crazies dressed up in costumes go swimming in the frigid surf! And get the T Shirt, or Sweat Shirt! They are usually really nice. It will be much fun!

Fishing reports from the Topsail area have been scarce recently. Well, practly non-existant. So I have gathered a few Eastern North Carolina Reports from the internet.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010
A Puppy Blitz continues at the point at Cape Hatteras, One angler reported catching them till he got tired. They continue to bite on grubs.Heard of stripers up north around Kitty Hawk. The weather ls looking good for the week-end Posted by Red Drum Tackle, Cape Hatteras. http://reddrumtackle.com/

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fishing Report: They had a good run of Puppy Drum at Buxton yesterday. Anglers were using artificial lures. Most were not keepers, but enough keepers to make it interesting. It is a beautiful day. Water temp is 39 ...
Posted by TW's Bait and Tackle, Nags Head, NC; Kitty Hawk, NC; and Corrola, NC.

Ocean Isle Fishing Center  Ocean Isle Beach, NC     Report 12-30-2010 "Update"

OIFC World Cat / Carolina Cat
Several boats fished yesterday. They found the kings and a couple of mahi east of the Frying Pan Tower. It seems the warm water has pushed out. Captain Brant and some others are out again today.
Inshore, the water was in the 30's. The trout were very lethargic. (Didn't know I knew words like that did you?) Flounder were seen in very shallow water laying on the black mud. Some of this info was courtesy of Captain Mark Dickson...thanks. Mark. Captain Jeff Beck and Capt. Brandon Sauls may give the in shore fishing a shot today.
I hope to give you an update this evening.
-Capt. Rickey Beck

Capt Jot Owens
Southeastern NC Inshore Fishing
"Cold Weather but the Fish are Biting; Wrightsville Beach, NC"

This report filed by Capt. Jot, in The North Carolina Sportsman who posts to this blog as well as several others in SE North Carolina.

"Cold Weather but the Fish are Biting; Wrightsville Beach, NC

It’s been cold around here lately, where did fall go? We have had some kind of weather around here in the last; oh-I’ll say over a year! Cold, hot and cold again, what a year!?!? It has played havoc on the local fishing but I’m not one to set around and wait for it to warm up, I like to fish! So here is the fishing report of what I’ve been trying to catch (with some success) during this cold December we are having.
Speckled trout fishing got a little harder in the last few weeks and I’ve caught a few but worked hard to catch’em. Working baits like MirrOlures and Berkley Gulp very slow has been the best success lately. The trout seem to be sitting deeper whether it’s in the creeks or around the inlets; the trout are feeding in the five plus feet of water. When the trout starting doing this, it’s usually a little later in the year; I use baits that sink very slow. The MirrOlure 52M, 52MR and TT series are some of the best for the slow pattern I look for during the cold fishing mouths. When I use soft plastics like Berkley Gulp I use lighter jig heads in weights of 1/16oz, 1/8oz and 1/4oz. This lighter jig heads make it much easier to work grubs much slower when trout are lethargic form cold water. Any days when we have mostly sunny skies or warmer air temps; these are the winter days you need to try to go Speckled trout fishing.
When the cold weather hit us and decided not to leave, I knew it was time to go try for some Cape Fear River Striped Bass. Cape Fear Stripers can be a hit and miss fishery but not to say you can’t go catch a few most days. I look for the Striped bass in the CFR to be in around five to twelve feet of water; when its warmer they are shallower and when it’s colder they are usually deeper. Casting soft baits like Berkley Gulp jerkshads and pogy patterns are a good choice for the Stripers. Colors I prefer are pearl, new penny and Arkansas shiner. When the CFR Stripers are very active, I like hard baits like MirrOlures L29M in colors 11, 18 and 808. Always with any winter fishing, work baits slower in cold water for better results.
One thing we have not had much of this season is nice enough weather to get out and chase the winter Redfish, one of my favorite winter pass times! The Reds are there all we need is the weather to go get’em. When I fish for winter Redfish I use lots of Berkley Gulp! You can’t go wrong with scented lures when the water gets cold. Berkley Gulp Ripple Shad, 3” Shrimp and five inch Jerkshad should do the trick. Another trick for winter Redfish is to look for dark/black mud bottoms in creeks; on warmer sunny days the Reds love to get on these flats to warm up a bit. We all know if a fish warms up any at all they will usually bite a hook!"
(end quote)

Read the entire post at North Carolina Sportsman Reports
Captain Jot Owens

Ranger Boats Pro Staff
Penn Reels Elite Staff

Thanks to everyone for their posts.
Till next time....
Tight lines!

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