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June 12, 2010

Topsail Update Fishing Report

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Hello from Topsail Beach! Fished the surf last evening with Donna, didn't get anything, but I was anything but disappointed.  It was a nice evening, weather was perfect and, I found lots of big sand fleas int the surf. For me, that means the bigger sea mullets will be moving closer to the shore. Time to start some serious surf fishing. I fished the Jolly Roger Pier in Topsail Beach this morning. Arrived about 6am and there were already several king rigs out at the end of the pier. While I was plugging for blues and spanish, one of the king anglers got a hit. Nothing like screaming drag to wake up a person in the early morning. Unfortunately, the fish pulled the hooks, so we don't know what it was. But BT said it was shaking it's head a lot, whatever that means. I don't king fish from the pier, but I am guessing that those who do will understand the significance of the head shaking. I caught several blue fish, some nice fillet size, but no spanish. I did see a couple of smaller sized spanish brought over the rail, but these were about 3/4 of the way out the pier on the south side, not at the end where I was fishing. Maybe I should have moved down a bit, but I was having a nice conversation with a new fishing friend from Warsaw, NC. Shout out to my new friend Kyle, hope to see you on the pier again soon. Saw no bottom fish, no flounder, but there were several anglers walking the rails with live minnows and live shrimp. Gonna be a hot one today, not much breeze as of right now, and lots of sun. Don't forget the sunscreen in your tackle box. You'll need it today. May get a visit from our son Scott and his family. Looking forward to their visit. Haven't seen them or the grand babies for a while. Just got home, woke up Donna and gonna fix a nice breakfast. If you get here quick, you can get some bacon, eggs, and grits. Catch 'em up!

Till next time....
Tight lines,

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