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December 29, 2010

Braid? or Not Braid?

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I have seen an increased use of braid line in recent years. I can understant how it would make a difference fishing in fifty to a hundred feet of water setting the hook is a twenty five pound grouper, but does is treally make a difference catching two pound mullets,  three pound trout, or five pound reds and blues? To me it's expensive and I have not bought it yet to try. I don't  seem to miss a lot of bites, or could it be that I just don't feel some of the bites because of the stretch of the mono?  I would really like to hear some opinions, to help me decide if the extra bucks will actually get me more fish in that cooler.

It was really a nice day. I had to baby sit a sick dog, so I didn't get to go out. Did anyone get out in the surf, on the pier, or on the water today?

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