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April 25, 2010

Jolly Roger Report and Kayak Fishing Group

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Hello from Topsail Beach. A few things this morning. First was my fishing outing at Jolly Roger Pier yesterday. This is really the first chance I have had to spend much time on the pier this season. I had such a wonderful time chatting to my old and new fishin' friends. To my new fishin' friend Ken, I really enjoyed our conversations about pier fishing, bait fish, and netting. Hope you have a safe trip home to your family. We caught several nice blues on gotcha plugs, and a bunch of smaller ones. I witnessed a bluefish catch on a diamond jig with gold hooks along the leader. (spanish rig?) The blue ate one of the gold hooks. I personally didn't catch any bottom fish, as I spent most of my time throwing a gotcha and chatting to my fishing neighbors, but I did see some nice virginia mullet brought over the rails, not a huge number, but nice keepers just the same. I heard stories of fast and furious "catching" Friday after midnight. I saw a picture of a cooler (thanks Chris at East Coast Sports in Surf City) that was at least half filled with mullets. I heard of a group of friends that caught over two hundred mullets in just a couple of hours. Day time fishing, especially surf fishing, is not great right now, but I see it getting great in the very near future. Thanks to everyone at Jolly Roger Inn and Pier for makiing my fishing day so enjoyable. I am looking forward to many more this season.

Now on to the part of the post about the kayak fishing group.
[QUOTE Cape Fear Chapter of Hook Line and Paddle has started up a coastal chapter of North Carolina kayak fishing association and will be holding monthly meetings on the first tuesday of every month. We will be discussing various topics that relate to kayak fishing and fishing in general.

The first meeting will be more of a meet and greet and we will also discuss what kind of topics everyone would like to cover.
The meetings will be held at Hook Line and Paddle
435 Eastwood Rd.
Wilmington, NC 28403

Phone: (910) 792-6945
Meetings will begin at 630pm try to start rolling in around 6pm that way we can socialize and then start the meeting right at 630pm and it will probably run till about 8pm.

Till next time....
Tight lines!

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  1. Ken in Chapel Hill8:47 AM, April 28, 2010

    Johnny, it was a good feeling meeting you and talking "fish" stories. I still want to find or create the book about fishing the coast based on "ole timers" experience with subject. I still can't believe there were no blues in that large school of menhaden we saw cruise by the tip of the pier going north/east! I look forward new fishin adventures.