Daily Bible Verse

June 24, 2005

No Luck in the Surf

Caught enough seaweed to have a meal. If I were a vegeterian, I'd have it made. I used sand fleas for bait. Didn't get a bite. Ok, heres the thing. I didn't go out until after 12 noon. Donna wanted to get some sun and I tagged along, but I'm not one to just sit on the beach. So,,,,,I carried my surf rod and hand dug some fleas. As I keep saying, early morning is the time to catch fish. Heard blues, mullet and a few spanish were caught on the Surf City pier today, but I didn't see them. Will probably finish glassin' the floor in my boat tomorrow, then just paint and it will be done. Measured for the transom support brace, and when I get it, I will raise the motor, and I'm done.


Hope to see you soon! Prayin for Matt.
Tight Lines!