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June 11, 2015

10 Fishing Baits That Have Stood the Test of Time - Outdoor Life

Excerpt from OutDoor Life website.  May 3, 2012
by Todd Kuhn

"Since the fishing lure industry’s meager beginnings around 1902, lures have come and gone by the tens of thousands. From the absurdly bizarre to the notable, and crazy baits with ridiculous monikers like the Crab Wiggler, Baby Vamp, Musky 5 Hook, Surface 6 Hook Lure, Alger’s Minnow, Spin-Divers, Neverfail, Wotta Frog, and Case Rotary Marvel. All promised fishing nirvana, only to fade into historical irrelevance.
However, a select few have stood the test of time, catching fish no matter the century, decade, political climate, state of the union, fishing condition, latest fishing trend, technique or bait de jour. Here are my top 10, all-time favorite fish haulers. These lures will catch fish today as they did decades ago, and will continue catching well into the future." (End Quote)

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I remember all of these lures. My favorite lures of all time were lures from this article. As a child, most of our fishing was done in the late afternoon, after Dad got home from work.

The Arbogast  Jitterbug was always in Dad's tackle box. Right at dusk, the Jitterbug would entice huge and violent strikes from the Largemouth Bass we were targeting. At times, the bass would attack the Jitterbug with such velocity the fish would come completely out of the water!

After the Jitterbug, came my other favorite lure the Rebel Minnow. That was my go-to lure in the late 1960's. I don't think there has since been a hard plastic lure that performed better for me.

Till next time....
Till next time....
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