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January 5, 2010

Topsail Fish Kill

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I am sorry to report that the cold weather has caused a massive fish kill in the sounds and tidal creeks behind Topsail Island. This report has not been confirmed, but I have heard it from two different sources. One report has estimated the loss in excess of 10,000 pounds of spotted sea trout, aka speckled trout. The coldest weather of the year is still to come. There isn't anything we (recreational anglers) can do about the weather. But I am planning to release more fish than I would normally do. I love to eat these wonderful fish, but I will only keep the biggest of my catch. We can all help to protect our waters from pollution. When we are out in the water or on the beach, we can PICK IT UP ..... DON'T PASS IT UP. It is amazing how much trash Donna and I cart off the beach as we are walking. We usually carry a bag on our walks, and pick up trash as we walk and look for shells and sharks teeth. Help protect this resource. Thanks for your concern.

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Tight lines!
Johnny and Donna