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January 27, 2018

Smashing the Permit With Capt Jeff Malone at Hawks Cay S13:E3 — Saltwater Experience Fishing Blog

Saltwater Experience Fishing Blog

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Smashing the Permit With Capt Jeff Malone at Hawks Cay S13:E3 — Saltwater Experience Fishing Blog


In my last post I described our relationship with a hard working guide on the docks of Hawks Cay Resort named Capt Jeff Malone.  We filmed a great episode on Baby Tarpon with Jeff directly after Hurricane Irma passed over the Florida Keys and he is back in our 3rd episode of our 13th season.  To say that he is back for another show is not exactly correct.  I guess it would be more accurate to say that he never left.
We met Jeff with our film entourage at the marker outside of Safety Harbor.  From there, Jeff took us to a place to catch bait and baby tarpon.  Soon, we had caught both and were at the Long Key Bridge catching a few more Tarpon, Yellow Jacks and Giant Jack Crevalle. (See that episode by clicking here)
Sometimes (rarely), filming a show is just this easy.  The weather is nice, the bait plentiful and lots of the species that we are after are hungry and ready to play ball.  We had this show wrapped up before noon and still had alot of time to work on another.
First permit after Irma.  These fish also are survivors.  Healthy and happy as the water clears

Since we had already caught our tarpon, it seemed like a good idea to look for bonefish and permit and try to wrap up a slam. 
A quick run back to Hawks Cay and Jeff had us casting to Permit quickly.  It was not long before we had all caught one.  The tide was right for a bonefish spot nearby so we moved and got ready to try to chum a bonefish in to complete the slam right in front of the Hawks Cay Resort.
Jeff hooked something immediately and we expected it to be a bonefish.  We were all a little surprised when yet another permit came to the boat.  Soon, I also caught another after battling a Lemon Shark.  Now, 5 permit and a bunch of tarpon, 2 shows were complete.  The sun started getting a little lower and it was time to head back to the dock. 
The show turned out to be incredible and I truly enjoyed spending time with Jeff on the boat.  Catching a few fish was nice too.
Check out this episode by clicking here. 
I highly suggest fishing with Capt Jeff Malone, make contact with him through phone, email or social media:
Capt. Jeff Malone
or follow him on Instagram at Tarpon_Time
Permit release in front of Hawks Cay ResortThe permit is and always will be my favorite fish.  We just get along well
Hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks to Capt Jeff Malone and http://www.tarpontime.com/ Check out this website. It's a great site!
Till next time....
Tight lines!

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