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December 15, 2017

Saltwater Experience by Capt. Tom Rowland @ www.saltwaterexperience.com

Battle Axe For Saltwater Fishing
by Capt. Tom Rowland @ www.saltwaterexperience.com

St. Croix Mojo Salt series

St. Croix Mojo Salt series blends durability and design consistency for top performance
Park Falls, WI (November 15, 2017) – Florida Keys guide and co-host of Saltwater Experience, Capt. Tom Rowland knows that hosting clients with varying degrees of angling skill is the ultimate testing ground for new products like St. Croix’s Mojo Salt series. After extensive field experience, Rowland grades this lineup of conventional and spinning rods a solid A+.
“Mojo Salt is perfect for the rigorous nature of a guide boat,” Rowland said. “With nine models in the series, Mojo Salt applies to so many techniques, and the wide variety of species I chase.
“They’re the battle axe of saltwater fishing.”

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