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January 6, 2014


Captain Butch Foster


  With the impending gloom of much colder temperatures and weather on the way to our area tomorrow, it seemed that the Trout bite would be fired off on the falling tide this afternoon feeding up before the front passed over and the pressure dropped.   This was the theory...  Capt. Butch and myself put the Skiff in around 2:45 this afternoon and knowing we only had a couple hours to test this theory ran to a location that is known to hold Trout this time of year. 

       After about an hour we had only managed one bite, the water was much more dirty today than yesterday Capt. Butch noted and the amount of grass and pine needles floating was a true indicator of how much fresh water had been flushed into the creeks from the past weeks rain.  With tough conditions we slowed our retrieve down and began to 'work' the baits with more precision.   The efforts soon paid off with the first strike, although a miss, we were figuring out the presentation that the Trout were wanting.  

      A few bait changes and color changes with a couple more modifications in presentation technique and Capt. Butch set the hook but the fish were biting soft and not aggressively attacking our baits.  I missed a couple more hard strikes, one even being hooked long enough to pull drag before throwing the hook.  This was telling us both the same thing, we had figured out the presentation and the technique but the change in water temperature and the rain had made the Trout hesistant about feeding.  After an hour of fine tuning our presentation and Capt. Butch navigating the creek to discover where the bait was holding during the evening tide change, we managed to boat 2 beautiful Speckled Trout and had another 3 or 4 that pulled the hooks along with another 6 or so that "short struck" our baits!

It ended up being a great evening to spend on the water in search of a few nice Speckled Trout.

Capt's Butch and Chris Foster

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