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January 6, 2014

Capt. Jerry's Fishing Forecast

I found this fishing forecast from Capt. Jerry informative and entertaining.

The weather certainly hasn’t gotten off to a good start for 2014.  Last weekend and early this week was actually a little better than expected, but that changed sometime Wednesday depending on exactly where you were.  Thursday has been a rainout so far and I guess we should be glad we are getting the rain instead of the ice and snow forecast for our northern neighbors.  
The wind is supposed to fall out some for Saturday and most of Sunday, but the big swell won’t.  The wind will be from the south on Sunday, so it will be the warmest day.  Several days next week will be downright cold, so if you want to go fishing before late next week, Saturday and Sunday morning look to be the best options.

The next several months will be the harshest weather and see the fewest anglers on the water.  Please let someone know where you are going (file a float plan with someone!) and be careful when you head out.  Mistakes get amplified and there is no margin for error when fishing during the winter.

Interested in reading more of Capt Jerry's forecast? Click this link.    Capt. Jerry's Fishing Forecast 

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