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August 11, 2012

Pre Fishing for IFA Regional Championship Titusville, Fl

Fished around Titusville today but never made it to the lagoon.  Ended up finding cruising fish right off a school of jacks and some snook this morning.  Landed a lower slot red cruising w his back out of the water on my second cast.  There were two reds cruising in 4 inches of crystal clear water on a bank loaded w bait.  Moved down the bank and saw a couple more sitting Just a little deeper in 10 inches of water.  These fish were aggressive.  I bumped them and an upper slot red popped the soft plastic moving away from the boat.  Decided to cover more water and hit some areas that looked good on satellite images.  Hooked a large red shortly after putting the trolling motor down and it pulled the hooks after a short battle.  Moved again and found two reds cruising the skinny busting shrimp.  Popped one on this bank and moved again.  Hit some structure

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