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August 6, 2012

2012 Redfish Action Series Champions

more times and pulled a 24 and 25 inch fish back to back. Left them alone and then fished a couple more spots and only found small fish. The next day I searched several miles of flats only to find a few single fish. Then I checked a couple more spots and found a nice school of fish being harassed by a couple large sharks. The fish pounced on a soft plastic and after a good fight I brought it to the boat-a perfect 27" fish. I went on to catch about 9 more from this school and all were 24" to 30". As I was leaving the fish to find some more I found another school of about 75 fish that looked perfect. Turned around as the fish were moving away in crystal clear water and led them with a cape lookout gold spoon and wacked a 26.6" fish. Left those fish alone and went to find more fish between them and the tournament check out. At one of the next two spots I found very aggressive fish but not many of them. I broke off the first fish on a popping cork rig. The next fish crushed my popping cork and then came after it again. I have had this happen in the past but have always been able to lift the cork up where the bait is on topWe weighed our two fish in and they yielded 12.98 lbs-not very heavy for two nearly perfect 27" fish. With this weight we landed in 3rd place for the tournament and secured the 2012 Redfish Action Series Championship.

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