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May 22, 2011

Small Virginia Mullets at Topsail Beach

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Hello from beautiful Topsail Island. It was another wonderful day on Topsail Island. Donna and I stayed on the beach all afternoon. Enough for me to get a good sunburn on my forehead. I forgot my cap. My forehead had not seen much sun this year. The bottle nose dolphins were out in force today giving everyone on the beach a free show. They were following a couple of kayaks around in the surf, riding the waves and jumping happily. There were a few virginia mullets in the surf at Topsail Beach this afternoon. They were not huge, but just frying pan size. I heard of a few really nice pompano in the surf as well. The action in the surf depended on who you talked to. My fishin bud Caleb fished behind Lea Island, but didn't catch anything except an undersized flounder. The piers all reported some nice catches of blues, and spanish in the early am. I won't get to fish tomorrow, having the car serviced. But I will probably get some reports, I'll post when I can.

We are blessed to live in such a beautiful place. God is good.

Till next time....
Tight lines!