March 27, 2011

Surf City Pier Opening

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Surf City Ocean Pier opened Friday to cold winds, but a nice crowd. The winner of the season fishing pass for catching the first sea mullet was a local angler familiar to all of us who fish SC Pier regularly, Paul. Paul caught the winner about 9:50am. We are glad a familiar face won the prize this year. Fishing was a bit slow, the virginia mullet Paul caught was about 10 inches long, a good frying size. There were other fish caught, very small croakers, spots, slicks (a member of the cod family, I think), and a few dogfish and skates. The wind was out of the North and very cold. A few brave souls stayed after the pass was won, but not many. My Dad and I left by 10:30am. It was just too cold for me. Dad went back Saturday and caught a nice virginia mullet that went the freezer, but nothing more. I stayed in with a bad cough. Cold and raining today. Congrats to Paul for his catch. See all my friends on the pier when the weather warms just a bit. Go ahead and say it, I know I am getting old and the cold hurts these old bones. I'll be happy when the weather warms a bit.

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