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February 1, 2011

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Jolly Roger Inn and Fishing Pier, Topsail Beach, North Carolina

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Hello from Topsail Beach! Where we have a little more sand now than we did a week ago thanks to the guys pumping a sixty - forty mix of sand and water from the icw to the dunes. Seems like slow progress, but they are building up the dunes. The weather is cold one day, warm the next. I for one, am ready for spring. I have most of my fishing gear ready to go, except for my cart, another wheel fell off today. I keep patching her up, but it may be time for another one. I love the old "Wonder Wheeler!" Easy to roll up and down steps, great for the pier, good all around cart. But nothing last forever. Might try one of those aluminium carts this time. Haven't decided. OK people. Here's my report.

Report from NCAngler.com

Fishing report from the boat "StormCatcher" out of Bogue Inlet 01/30/11

Catchin' dawgs out of Bogue Inlet 01/30/11
Today was a day of high expectations for loading the boat with the lowly dog fish. It was a beautiful day. Got the latest info on Bogue Inlet from my trusty neighbor so getting out of the inlet was smooth. We left the dock about 7a.m. It was a little steep going out (although no big waves), so we made about 20knts going out to our first loc about 4 miles off the beach. We picked up a few dogs but not enough to make the weight we were looking for. Tried a couple more spots, same thing. Ended up on some live bottom a mile or so inshore of C-buoy and loaded the boat. Final tally, gutted, is somewhere north of 250lbs of the spiny little critters. Not a bad day for fishing in January.

Maybe the biggest report we can share with the offshore guys is that, of the 250lbs+ dogfish, we didn't catch a single BSB, pinfish, flounder, etc. Nothing but the dogs. So, if you didn't get out there today, other than the sweat sea breeze and singing sirens, you didn't miss much from a fishing standpoint.

Till next time....
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Johnny and Donna

Matthew 4:19
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