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January 5, 2011

Trout Anglers ...... Strange Folk

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Hello from Topsail Beach. It looks like it's going to be a nice day. Sun is shining, temps are going to reach about 51*.  If I could shake off this cold, I would throw some gulp at the gator trout that is hanging out in Banks Channel at Trout St in Topsail Beach. But alas, I'll just have to settle for some cyber fishing until I'm better. I bet you all know someone who loves to catch speckled trout so much that he is known as a "trout guy."  I know several. They are strange creatures, so secretive about there speckled trout catches they will lie to their mama. Example. I passed over the access at Buddy's in Surf City at dawn one morning, just light enough I didn't need a flashlight to walk, light enough to make out people moving frantically on the beach, but not light enough to make out their faces. So I get a little closer and guess what they are doing? I know you are not going to believe this, but they were stuffing big speckled trout down their waders! Yep, taking them out of their bucket, and putting them in their waders. They quickly went back to casting into the surf. Of course I glanced into the bucket as I walked past, bucket was empty. And as I observed the fish bulging in their neoprene waders, I ask, "Having any luck?" Answer, "Not even a bump." I guess they thought I would move on when I saw there was no fish in the bucket. They were wrong. I stayed and caught my limit in under an hour, and I don't keep anything under 16 inches. And only if I want some for the table. I don't like trout frozen. It just loses something.
Anyway, my "friend" Jonathon, pictured below, caught this speckled trout this week. When I ask where he caught it, here is his answer........ "Alright all I'm saying is the bite was on at the south end! Ended up with 2 Reds and that spec 3 more Reds were lost!!"  I promise, If it was me doing the catching, I would have been on the phone calling all my fishin buds to hurry down before the bite was over. Just saying........ And by the way, he only kept one red.

Till next time....
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