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January 18, 2011

Stripers at Oregon Inlet

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Jolly Roger Inn and Fishing Pier, Topsail Beach, North Carolina

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If you want to catch stripers and are so inclined, call a buddy that has a boat, call a buddy to help you crew your boat, or call a charter captain. The following is what I am finding all over the internet almost everyday now.

"Went out of Oregon Inlet Saturday. Lots of traffic but had a limit of 12 fish in less than 1 hour with fish weighing between 15 and 20 lbs."

The big stripers are out there. They are dominating the fishing news in the whole state of North Carolina these days. If you take your boat out of Oregon Inlet, and you haven't been out of OI before, take note. It is dangerous. Probably the most dangerous inlet on the east coast. Buddy up with a boat that knows the inlet and follow them throuth. Wouldn't want to see a tragedy just to catch a couple of fish. Catch 'em up! Check out the pictures of the striper catches I have found below. I don't think any of them are copywrighted. Hope not anyway. Thanks to the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center for most of the pics.

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