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January 7, 2011

Cold blamed for menhaden kill

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Folly Beach, South Carolina:  Thousands of menhaden washed up on the beach at Folly Beach, SC Thursday. Folks that should know are blaming the cold water. To read the complete new story, click on tye link below.
The Sun News - Myrtle Beach, SC

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  1. Menhaden are probably the most important fish in the ocean. Every game fish I can think of will eat menhaden. Each of us should be concerned with the loss of even a few thousand of this resource. The most dangerous enemy of the menhaden is the factory ships that surround gigantic schools of menhaden and vaccum them up and turn them into fertilizer. I don't have the solutions to our waste of natural resources. It will take someone with a few more brain cells than I have to solve this problem. Just my two cents.

  2. But, there is no way to protect the fish from cold. Thanks for humanity.


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