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January 28, 2011

Anybody Heading to Florida for a Fishing Trip?

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Jolly Roger Inn and Fishing Pier, Topsail Beach, North Carolina

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I ran across this fishing report while cyber fishing this afternoon. Still stuck inside under doc's orders. This report is from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Wow, Wind is picking up here on the salt flats. I can feel the salt spray now! Smell that salty breeze?

Date of Report: 2011-01-27
Fishing Report Title: Fishing Report South Florida Waters
State or Fishing Region: Florida- SE Regional Report
Boat Name: Happy Day Today
Report By: Captain Tom Zsak
Locale or Marina: Fort Lauderdale
Phone: (954) 439-8106
Website: http://www.topshotfishing.com

"Fishing Report: Fishing out of Fort Lauderdale allows us to target a wide variety of species of fish. The different types of fishing can range from fishing offshore in 1,000 feet of water for Swordfish, to 6 miles offshore in 700 feet of water for Mahi- Mahi and Wahoo or head inshore and fish one or two miles off the beach and target fish which are situated in the depths of 90' to 175' of water and live above the reef line.

The best part of how we can arrange a fishing charter is based on a couple factors, for example, are there any bait coming along the reef, what direction is the current (North or South) and is the wind out of the N,S,E,West and or is there a cold front coming down the coast line from the New England area. Also what time of the year are we coming into, the winter months or the summer months.

Currently now in late January we are starting out our trips targeting Sailfish by live and dead bait fishing in 150 feet of water. The bite has been good and the charter fleet are seeing the similar bites.

The Sails migrate good from end of November and travel South until April. We do catch resident Sails that mill and stick around the South Florida waters, however the major packs of Sailfish move through during the winter months caused by the low pressure systems generated from up North.

There is kite fishing with baits out of the riggers as well as slow trolling ballyhoo with a dredge to attract the Sailfish.
[end quote]

Not really a fishing or catching report, but it got the wheels in this old brain turning........... My hammock is getting quite damp from the salt spray. I can hear the steel drums in the distance, and the faint whir of an old vintage evinrude or johnson, never could quite tell the difference in those two old workhorses. I smell the mesquite burning in the pit, not quite ready for the oysters, clams, and snapper thats ready for the bake. The family and guests are starting to arrive, but I think I have just a few more minutes before I have to get out of this hammock and start the cooking ...... just a few more ..... zzzzzzzzzzzz

till next time....
tight lines....