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November 1, 2010

Good Fishing Day at Jolly Roger Pier!

2010 NC Recreational Coastal Waters Guide

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Fished Jolly Roger Pier this morning. Flounder bite is on! I also saw several slot reds this morning. They were beautiful. Red on the sides with bright blue tails! Got a report from my neighbor that the reds are biting hard at New Topsail Inlet on the shoals. Finger mullets is the bait. There is plenty of bait in the water at the inlet, so bait won't be a problem. (unless they move out after you read this, as they often do. LOL)
Lots of snapper blues in the water. Saw several nice spots. Good spot bite yesterday 10 + mph NE wind today. A nice keeper speck was landed just beside where I was fishing. Bit cut shrimp on a two drop rig. I tried to fish my jig and grub, but the blues would not leave it alone. They tore up four before I got the message and put it away. Blues were biting everything from bottom rigs to gotcha plugs. They worried the speck and flounder anglers all day, but they still managed to get a bunch of keepers. A ton of undersized flatties were released. I personally saw four red drum landed, all in the slot. Two went in the cooler, and two more were released alive. Saw a few spots, and big whiting, a lot more small mullets, black drum, pompano, (no real big ones) and puffers. (Gonna eat the puffers tonight! MMMMMMMM Good! There was a lot of bait in the water early, but they moved out as the day went on. I had a nice day on the Jolly Roger Pier.

NE wind is supposed to be here for several more days. Should cool the water a bit more and bring on the spot and speckled trout bite. If you can get here, I am pretty sure the spots will move in tonight and tomorrow. They are still in small schools, so you just have to be here ready to catch them when they get here. Pop is planning to be here Wednesday. Hope the bite is good for him.

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