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September 7, 2010

Charter Captain Rick Bennet with The Rod-Man Report

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Hi Folks,
Time for a fishing report. It's a bit abbreviated due to Earl, but some real positives are happening; like the awesome redfish action we experienced Sunday morning. Then there is the big Spanish bite going on right now. And more....
Now here's my report:
Inshore: The Redfish are biting. We caught and released several very nice fish Sunday ranging for 4+ to 8 pounds. As usual, the lady on the boat did the most work. Flounder are biting very nicely in the inlets, the ICW, Snow's Cut and the River.
Near Shore: Spanish and blues are biting hard. Shark fishing is going strong.
Offshore: Not many reports coming in as yet, but those that are state lots of bait pods are around which means the kings cannot be far away. AJ's still hanging on the offshore reefs.
Gulfstream: No reports.
Upcoming: It's getting so close, fall fishing, I can almost smell the fresh crisp air. As a matter of fact, I will smell it for sure this Friday thru next Wednesday as I make a trip to Big Sky country in Montana to try my luck on some nice trout with the fly rod. With lows in the mid 30's and highs in the mid 60's, it may be hard to come back!
Be sure to check out the new pics in my Photo Gallery at http://www.rodmancharters.com/
Until Next Time:
Capt. Rick Bennett

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