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August 25, 2010

Topsail Beach Surf Fishing Update

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Hello from Topsail Beach! I went surf fishing this morning, fished two hours before until two hours after high tide. I caught several snapper blues, about 10 to 12 inches, used one for cut bait and released the rest. A short flounder bit the cut blue fish. She was only a quarter inch short, but she was really thick. I am a stickler for the size limits of all fish, but I have to admit, I thought about running this one across the dunes real quick. She was a beauty, but common sense ruled and she was released unharmed. She would have made some nice fillets! I also caught two pompano, one way bigger than my hand, and the other bout hand size. Fresh cut shrimp caught three nice keeper mullets, all five fish now in the freezer. Really nice day with my feet in the sand. Got a private show (no one else on the beach) by a pod of bottle nose dolphins. Jumping, twisting, flipping,....... like a show at Sea World! Lasted about ten minutes. I think they may have been feeding, not sure. Donna and I checked out Trout St after dinner tonight, got nothing but skeeter bites. Those Topsail Skeeters ran us off the dock after about an hour. They were so big, they were stealing our bait! Ok, maybe not, but they were big enough. Pogies and finger mullets were on the move, but none came close enough to net. Another good day at Topsail Beach! Of course, I really can't think of a bad day here......... maybe ....... nah, it's always a good day at Topsail!

Till next time....
tight lines!
Johnny and Donna