Daily Bible Verse

July 4, 2005


An angler caught a 33 lb king yesterday from Surf City Pier. Our friend Karen caught a 1.75 lb spade fish from S.C. pier. She caught it straight down between the pilings. Way to go Karen! A few spanish, and several blues were taken with gotchas. White with red head still the most productive. A couple of spanish were caught with diamond jigs.Three fishermen fishing at one bench about 3/4 out the pier caught big mullet all morning. They also caught several keeper trout. They were out producing everyone else about 10 to 1. I caught spots, small mullet, and a grey trout, 11.99 inches, and a flounder, 13.99 inches. HaHa. Almost keepers. There were several nice sheephead caught with sand fleas as bait. Sheephead fishing takes patience, patience, and patience. These anglers spend their morning bent over the rail looking at the water. But if you got the patience, the reward is great. Really big sheephead. There were also some nice spots caught off and on today. Night time is still producing mullet and spot, along with a few trout and puppy drum. The anglers that are spending the time on the pier, are catching their fill.

Big sheephead still coming from the pilings around the Surf City turning bridge. Sand fleas or fidler crabs the most productive bait.

Humidity is high, and night is producing best.


Had lunch at Yogi's grill on Hwy 17 in Holly Ridge. Open faced prime rib sandwich, two veggies and homemade banana puddin'. $5.50 Can't beat it. Give Yogi's a try. If you don't know Yogi, he was the chef at Poliotti's in North Topsail Beach. Great food, reasonable price. If you want to get your cleaned and dressed catch cooked for you, try One Stop Restaurant just before the turning bridge in Surf City. They will cook your catch, and furnish two veggies and tea for about $5.00. The best shrimp lunch is at Batt's Grill in Surf City. Medium sized fried shrimp, falling off the plate, with fries and slaw, or any two veggies, and tea for $4.99. You can't even buy fresh shrimp for that much. Give Kenny Batt's place a try and you never have to leave the beach.