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June 19, 2005

Learning to speak Spanish

Spanish are plentiful from the piers. A 16 inch spanish was caught only a third of the way out the pier. They are in really close. I saw a school tearing up bait fish just behind the breakers, but out of reach of my gotcha. At the same time, there were two other schools boiling the surface farther out. I am pretty sure they were spanish, because occasionaly one would break the surface and come completely out of the water. Still, most are being caught early morning or late evening. Blues are still in the water, and are biting most of the day, but better early and late. There are a lot of blues being caught on bottom rigs.

Most anglers are catching their share of mullet in the surf as well as on the pier. The mullets are biting shrimp and sand fleas equally well. There have been some big mullet mixed in with the medium to smaller ones.

I bought my shrimp at One Stop Bait just before the bridge on the right. Really good looking shrimp. Fat and white. Their shrimp is caught daily and really fresh. After you catch your limit, take the cleaned fish to One Stop Restaurant, where you can get it cooked, along with two veggies, for only about $4.00.

If you are hungry for shrimp, check out Batt's Grill. one of the oldest restaurants on the beach. Their shrimp plate is only $4.99 with two veggies and the shrimp are falling off the plate! MMMMMM Good!