Daily Bible Verse

April 5, 2005

They're here! Mullets are back.

After a week of fishing, catching nothing but sharks and skates, finally there is dinner on the table. I caught 10 mullet today from Surf City Pier. Six were real nice, about a pound each. I cleaned 'em and put 'em in the freezer. I gave the rest to another fisherman who wanted the smaller mullets. I used shrimp for bait, and had to throw way out. Didn't bite for me in close. I fished on the north side about half way out. The tide was almost full high when I started fishing. Not sure about the temp, but it was chilly. I wore a sweat shirt to keep warm. Water temp acording to WECT was 59 degrees today. Barometer was 30.24. A kid on the pier had a bucket full of sand fleas. The first I have seen this spring. Next time I fish, I will have a few for bait. There were sharks, and a lot of skates caught.
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